OSS 2020 Announcement

Update on 2020 OSS Retail Programmes

At OSS Retail, our primary focus has always been on people. With this very much in mind amidst the ever developing COVID-19 situation, we must regrettably announce that we will be cancelling this year’s Foundation Programme at St Hugh’s and the Academy Programme at Keble College.

In the past few weeks we have discussed and reviewed a number of scenarios with our retail customers to see if there was a way to continue to run our residential offer, including postponing until later in the year. However, given the current situation, we believe that cancelling our programmes is the only course of action to take.


Whilst we may not be able to run our usual programmes we would still like to support our retail colleagues. That is why we’re in the process of developing a series of free webinar content. This will be designed to specifically support the retail recovery process by helping everyone work through these exceptionally difficult circumstances.

Additionally, in anticipation of a brand-new programme offer for 2021, we will be launching a ‘Virtual Foundation’ and ‘Virtual Academy’ in the Autumn. These will be short, interactive digital offers brought to you by our incredible network of leaders, coaches and experts. We look forward to sharing this content with you soon.


In the meantime, do check out the BRC Coronavirus Hub. It ensures you have the latest news, government interventions and retail implications. Click here to access the BRC Coronavirus Hub

We look forward to continuing to develop your talented leaders as we emerge stronger together.

If you have any questions or would like to find out about the webinar series please contact Terry Lees via terry.lees@brc.org.uk.