BRC Learning Webinar

Exploring The Impact of COVID-19 – Recovery & Discovery through Community & Collaboration

We’re delighted to announce the launch of 5 FREE interactive Webinars to support retail leaders of all levels as we prepare for the next phase of the pandemic. Beginning on the 14th May, the series will provide you with an opportunity to gain new leadership expertise and insights, to understand the wider impact of the ongoing COVID-19 crisis.

Over the course of 7 weeks the webinar series will:

  • Provide a focus on the impact of COVID-19 on Me, My Business, The Retail Industry and The World at large.
  • Enable you to join a community of retailers to share your experiences and expertise, but also to collaborate and support each other through the continuing crisis and beyond.
  • Provide an online toolkit & library of relevant reference material to enable you to create your own unique continuous learning experience.
  • Share the latest insights and thought leadership from BRC Learning’s network of inspirational expert speakers.

We’ve enlisted a fantastic line-up of keynote speakers to provide you with some incredible insights as retailers emerge into a very different landscape:

  • Session 1 – The Impact on ‘My Life’ – Join Evelina Dzimanavičiūtė – Leadership Trainer, Consultant and Coach and a community of leaders to explore the impact on our lives and our leadership. How will this effect the way that I lead myself, my team and my approach to leadership in the future?
  • Session 2 – The Impact on ‘Our Business’ – Join Katie Mabbett – Deputy Store Director at Harrods and a community of leaders to explore the impact on our people and our customers through the continuing crisis. How has this effected the businesses we work for and what does this mean for me and my team?
  • Session 3 – The Impact on ‘This Sector’ – Join Neil Gibb – Consultant, Speaker, Mentor, Coach & Social Innovator and a community of leaders to explore the impact on the people in the retail industry. What does this ongoing crisis mean for the sector and how can we collectively create a different future?
  • Session 4 – The Impact on ‘Our World’ – Join Paul Anderson-Walsh – Co-founder of the Centre for Inclusive Leadership and a community of leaders to explore the impact on the human experience. What does this mean for the way we behave, the way that we work and the way that we live?
  • Session 5 – The Impact on ‘My Purpose’ – Join Terry Lees – Head of Residential Programmes and a community of leaders to explore the trends and themes continuing to affect us all. What have we learnt about the impact on us as individuals, the businesses that we lead, the industry we work in and the world we live in.

Please use this link for more information and to book your free places.