OSS Foundation

TBC 2021, St. Hugh’s College, Oxford

Course fee: BRC Members: £2495 +VAT / Non-members: £2750 +VAT (course fee includes accommodation and all meals)

The aim of the Foundation programme is to develop the delegates understanding of their role as team leaders and the positive impact this can have on their business. By enhancing the vital skills necessary to successfully lead a team delegates can build their confidence as retail managers. 


The programme provides leadership learning and an opportunity for delegates to reflect on their own approach to leadership and management whilst providing a greater understanding of their role and the impact that successful leaders can create.

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Who should attend?

  • Trainee managers
  • Department managers in stores and head office functions
  • Store managers

Benefits for you

  • Develop self-awareness as a leader and manager
  • Understand how to apply different leadership techniques to achieve the best results with their team
  • Understand when and how to take a coaching approach with individuals and the team
  • Set clear expectations for the team and communicate these effectively, enabling them to work together without supervision and achieve their objectives
  • Understand how to effectively lead a team through change
  • Increased understanding of wellbeing in the workplace
  • Create a realistic action plan, enabling them to apply their learning from the Foundation Programme to generate improved personal and organisational performance and results

Benefits for your business

  • Confident leaders able to successfully lead a team and create the conditions for effective team working
  • Managers able to prioritise and achieve business outcomes effectively to improve productivity
  • Leaders that can focus on the customer’s experience and in response set achievable standards for service which support the drive to increase profitable sales

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To book places or speak to us about any of our programmes please contact:

Terry Lees

Head of Residential Programmes

M: 07595 928 721

E: terry.lees@brc.org.uk

Paula Nickolds - John Lewis & Partners | OSS Foundation

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